DataStage Errors while viewing data using View Data on Connector Stage

Most of the times the following error occurs for “view data” and “test connection” actions in Connector stage properties, even though the job itself runs successfully without any warnings An Exception occurred while trying to receive the response form the handler: An exception was received from the handler: Error loading connector library cannot […]

How to Enable Connector Debugging levels in DataStage

I have recently faced couple of errors and I tried to debug with Standard errors and I am not able to debug much and fix the errors while developing the jobs Here are the some steps to enable Debugging in Connector Stages in DataStage Designer (However these variables cannot be used in PROD without a […]

Compiling and using Parallel routines in DataStage

A parallel routine provides you feature to use external functionality written in C code to use in DataStage. E.g.  DataStage does not provide regular expression functionality. So we can created shared object of regular expression functionality in C and used it in DataStage. Before we start writing routines: -Some compilers require that the source code […]

Puzzled !! Maximum DataStage jobs can be created in a Project?

Have you ever puzzled about number of Jobs that can fit in a DataStage project – Here is the answer on How much space is required to accommodate as well DataStage runs on a Host Operating System and runs a file system Said that, Filesystems have a hard limit on number of sub directories that […]

DS Job Corrupted : Errors when writing record OshExecuter.osh to file

When you are trying to move jobs or import into Higher regions such as Quality control, User Testing and Integration regions and you receive the following error: Error writing record to file RT_SC<job number> – error number is 40019 Below are the possible items that might corrupt the jobs Full disk space in the […]

DataStage job doesn’t terminate/ slowness while terminating

If your DataStage takes time to terminate/ you experience delays in the termination of an a job when it is run – you need to clear out &PH& directory This happens when you don’t clean &PH& periodically. The &PH& directory contains information about active stages that is used for diagnostic purposes To clear the directory: […]

DataStage job with lookup aborts with error File too large to fit

This is one more error I encountered today – and looks weird to me as I faced this first time A DataStage job that contains a lookup fails with an error that is similar to the following error: Lookup_Tcodes,0: Error writing table file “/dsData/Datasets/lookuptable.20100217.rtesd”: File too large To Resolve this Create a hash partition on […]

How to manually uninstall/reinstall/install connector or common stages

Getting errors when using ‘Test’ or ‘View Data’ in ODBC Common Connector (note same problem with other CC as well) and don’t face problems with Run time? Also cannot use Connector Import Wizard, as it produces a blank Connector selection list in DataStage 8.5 and 8.1 and not in 8.7? yes, these are the most […]

[Updated] DataStage job with MQ Connector aborts with error code 2058 (Failed to connect to Queue Manager)

Apart from my earlier post, I have faced one more error while developing code using real-time stages [box style='error'] DataStage job with MQ Plugin fails with error code 2058 – Failed to connect to Queue Manager, but jobs utilising the MQ Connector succeed. The DS job aborts with “Fatal Error: Fatal: Failed to connect to […]